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About Us

Helping you means Everything to us

Helpful Hemp was born out of our CEO’s desire to help amazing people like you.

You and Your quality of life matters.

It’s because of you CBD is changing people’s lives (including yours).

It’s because of you Helpful Hemp exists.

So, Thank You; Thank you for being here, for being so amazing, and for allowing us to help you. We are truly honored and grateful for the opportunity to help you.

Now, without further ado, here’s some more fun facts about our company.

Our CEO is Our Walking Billboard

If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet or speak with Lana, our CEO & Co-Founder, you’d know from one conversation how much CBD has been a game changer and vastly improved her quality of life.

To put it lightly, she grew up in with a “colorful” childhood and as a result, she has CPTSD (complex post traumatic stress disorder). Stress and anxiety manifested physically, giving her the worst periods ever… amongst other issues like cystic ovaries. After years of popping ibuprofen like it’s candy, she got fed up and finally listened to her pot smoking friends about CBD. Afterall, there are quite a few side effects associated with taking NSAIDs too much. These friends swore up and down that they could get her the “hemp” kind of CBD and that it would not get her high. After trying a few brands, mostly because none of them worked, Lana ended up reaching out to wholesalers that provided COAs (Certificate of Analysis) to order samples. Once she found the right supplier, and the right product/dosage of Full Spectrum CBD, there was no going back. This all eventually led her to Co-Founding this company.

There’s a small part of the story that we haven’t covered yet. While we know now that the stress and anxiety and corresponding period pain associated with CPTSD led to Lana starting this company, it wasn’t until almost 2 years after starting this company that she received her official CPTSD diagnosis… at 31 years old. All this time, she was treating the other symptoms of her CPTSD as well, such as the ADHD. We have a whole different article about the overlapping of ADHD & CPTSD, but for the sake of this about page, feel free to lightly assume what we say is true and verify it when you’re done reading.

Basically, what we’re saying is that CBD didn’t just help her with her period pain. CBD helped her improve her quality of life mentally AND physically in ways she never anticipated.


We're Committed to Educating the Masses About Hemp Based CBD.

Technology and information surrounding the cannabis space has been (unfortunately) hush hush over the years. Too many people have been too scared to try hemp cbd products because it is a “phyto-cannabinoid” like marijuana.

We’re taught in high school that cannabis is bad. Kids sign pledges to their families that they’ll never do drugs, all the while ignoring the science that’s been growing around the cannabis space for decades.

It’s this unfortunate and uneducated assumption that it took so long to legalize Hemp based products and share the benefits of Hemp CBD with the masses.

Helpful Hemp is committed to sharing any and all information in the Hemp CBD space, with references to notable scientific resources, sharing people’s individual stories, and directly answering peoples questions on social media.

So feel free to follow us on social media and DM or tag us in something. Our CEO will do her best to be an invaluable resource for you.