About Us

Helping you means Everything to us

Helpful Hemp was born out of our founder’s desire to help amazing people like you.

You and Your quality of life matters.

It’s because of you CBD is changing people’s lives (including yours).

It’s because of you Helpful Hemp exists.

So, Thank You; Thank you for being here, for being so amazing, and for allowing us to help you. We are truly honored and grateful for the opportunity to help you.

A Few Fun facts About Helpful Hemp

We only use USA-Grown, Organic Hemp

This was a personal choice from our co-founder, Lana. There are a few reasons we only use USA-grown, organic hemp.

  1. We can ensure the quality of our products.
  2. We’re creating American jobs.
  3. It removes a lot of hassle. If you need CBD ASAP, we can get it to you. We don’t have to worry about overseas logistics.
  4. Did we mention we can properly ensure the quality of our products? Quality Matters.

Female Owned and Operated

Our co-founder, Lana, is incredibly hands on with the business and oversees all day-to-day operations of Helpful Hemp.

As a result of Lana’s leadership and lifestyle, we have made a commitment to hiring remote employees, working reasonable hours, and allowing our awesome staff to be able to work around their families’ lives.

After all, family comes first.

Military Spouse Owned & Operated

Our co-founder’s husband, Jacob, is a US Navy Seabee Veteran. He’s still active military and doesn’t participate in the day-to-day operations of Helpful Hemp, which is why we are unable to say this is a Veteran-owned and operated business.

That’s okay though. Lana, our Co-Founder and resident military wife, has got your back and focuses on Helpful Hemp full time.

Helpful Hemp is Headquartered at:

3810 Wagoneer Dr
Reno, NV 89502

Some fun facts about Reno:

  • It’s basically little Vegas
  • Blue Jeans were invented in Reno
  • Reno has an amazing Art Community
  • Reno is only a 45ish minute drive from Beautiful Lake Tahoe
  • Only a 2 hour drive from the California State Capital of Sacramento.

Helpful Hemp HQ