Brand Guidelines

Preferred Logo

When possible, this logo should be used on EVERYTHING. When that is not possible, please refer to the following versions below.

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Logo for Dark Backgrounds

If the Helpful Hemp logo needs to go on a website or banner with a dark background where the lettering becomes illegible, please use this logo.

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Solid Black Logo

If for some reason you need a solid black logo, use this one. Example uses for this logo would be for engraving the logo on something or for black and white prints only.

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Solid White Logo

We don’t know why you’d use this logo, but it’s here just in case you can’t use the teal and white logo. This logo is to be used as a last resort.

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Color Pallete

HEX #24c8a8
RGB 36,200,168
CMYK 68,0,46,0
HEX #1c9d84
RGB 27,156,131
CMYK 80,15,59,1
HEX #663366
RGB 102,51,102
CMYK 65,91,32,18
RGB 239,71,111
CMYK 0,87,38,0
HEX #424242
RGB 66,66,66
CMYK 67,60,59,45
HEX #c9c9c9
RGB 201,201,201
CMYK 21,16,17,0
HEX #000
RGB 0,0,0
CMYK 0,0,0,100
HEX #ffffff
RGB 255,255,255
CMYK 0,0,0,0


Preferred Mark

Transparent Text Mark


Please use the Qanelas Font Family. We use “ultra light” for regular body text, and “extra bold” for bolding/emphasis.

When the Qanelas font family is not an option, please use ROBOTO from google fonts.