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Collabs We’re Obsessed With

We’re obsessed with our collaborators. Afterall, we wouldn’t have collaborated in the first place unless we absolutely loved them! Checkout some of our partnerships and collabs below!

Sammy's Sew Shop

The owner of Sammy’s Sew Shop (Samantha) also happens to be our CEO’s cousin. She makes beautiful, handmade, waterproof custom pet beds with durable fabrics that are easy to spot clean or put in your washing machine.

What can we say… we’re obsessed with our pets and we hope you’ll share our obsession too. Visit her store at

Women & ADHD

Our CEO, Lana, filmed an episode with Katy Webber at Lana was diagnosed with ADHD/cPTSD at 31 years old and, without even knowing it, was treating her symptoms with CBD. With the help of the neurodivergent community, Lana found Women & ADHD and absolutely HAD to collab with Katy. Afterall, it’s not every day someone gets a later in life diagnosis for a neurodivergency. Check out her podcast at here.