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We recently onboarded a new sales director (some behind the scenes info everyone likes), and our CEO overheard him telling potential wholesale clients that our products are triple tested… which is true.

We’ve told people for years that our products are lab tested, but this conversation made us think maybe we can be even more transparent with you about the lab testing process behind our products. So, here’s how Lab Testing works at Helpful Hemp.

1. Testing Starts at the Source

Before any CBD products can be made, our Industrial Organic Hemp must be tested before we can extract the cannabidiol (CBD, CBG, CBN, etc) and terpenes from the plant.

The US Federal Government forces us to only use Hemp that contains less than 0.3% Δ9 THC, and we’re happy to oblige with that demand.

If the crop does not meet the less than 0.3% Δ9 THC requirement, we will not use it in our products.

2. Testing the Extracted Products

Once a crop is harvested, depending on our production needs, its’ cannabidiol byproducts (CBD, CBG, CBN, etc) and terpenes are extracted into concentrates with our CO2 extraction.

The concentrates are then tested to see how much of our desired cannabidiol is in a ml of that concentrate.

Our full spectrum tinctures require the least amount of filtration during the extraction because it contains the full plant profile.

Our Broad Spectrum, THC Free, tinctures require some filtration because we have to extract the THC from the oil.

Our Gummies use a distillate, which is a highly pure CBD extraction, while our topicals and face products use a water soluble CBD Isolate.

3. Testing the Final Products

Taking the extractions and putting them into the final product is the next step. Because of the test results on step 2, we can then formulate how much of the CBD Oil goes into each bottle or gummy.

Let’s dissect our 500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil for a moment. We know we need 500mg of our Full Spectrum CBD Oil Extract from Step 2. The correct amount of extract is put into the bottle first, and then we add our delivery agent like MCT Oil. The reason we use MCT Oil is because it helps you absorb the CBD into your system better because CBD Tinctures are fat soluble.

After a product is bottled, the bottle is tested to ensure that what we put in the bottle matches what’s on our label.

And Viola, that is how our products are Triple Tested.

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